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Capital & Consulting

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​Selected Projects and Expertise

  • Setup and operation of a new Neo-Broker in Germany

  • Building up a fully-fledged securities trading bank, Germany

  • Setup and operation of a full bank in Abu Dhabi, UAE

  • Setup of a 24/7 software development center in Shanghai, China

  • Setup and operation of new broker for securities trading in Germany

  • Foundation of representative offices for a credit institution


  • Analysis of the business model of an international banking group

  • Evaluation of international core banking trading system


  • Setup and operation of a market making unit (Switzerland, Italy)

  • Initiation and operation of public exchange, Germany

  • Development of order-routing and management systems with connection to 55 international exchanges

  • Development of OTC Trading Systems

    • Securities, ETFs, Bonds, etc.

    • Collateralized derivatives

  • Setup and operation of a bond trading system in Germany

  • Setup and operation of a Customized Index unit for banks, insurances, money managers and asset managers, etc.

  • Setup and operation of a „designated trading“ unit, market making for exchange listed firms on Xetra in Germany

  • Development of an internalization and trade aggregation to significantly reduce processing cost for a bank

  • Establish full-electronic, dynamic „best-execution" policy system for banks

  • Establish systematic internalization process according to BaFin requirements for a bank in Germany

  • Establish new unit for derivative brokerage

  • Manage und establish market making unit for the Düsseldorf stock exchange

  • Manage and further develop electronic exchange „Quotrix“ for a credit institution

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